Trump University Transfer Student Aims To Make It Big At Emerson


With Spring semester less than two months away, many transfer students are eagerly awaiting a second chance at a fulfilling college career with their future at Emerson. For former Trump University student — junior Spencer Douglas, he’s hoping to rise to the top like no one else before him.

“We can talk  about the lawsuit regarding my former college all day, but I’m really here to tell you that I will win and I will win big at Emerson,” shouted the riled up future Entrepreneurial Studies major during his phone interview with Lion’s Tooth.

Despite offering Spencer’s preferred major, Emerson’s focus as we all know is communications and the arts for the most parts — from publishing, marketing, to film and TV. While our reporters did attempt to ask him why he chose Emerson, Douglas avoided the question entirely.

However, when asked if he’d be enjoying any of the expansive liberal arts courses Emerson offers Douglas replied quickly with, “Liberal Arts? Yeah sure. More like ‘Conservative Arts’ Only thing I’ll be learning is how to make ‘yuuuge’ bank. Believe me!”

At press time, Spencer was putting his settlement of $20 from the Trump University lawsuit onto his ECash account.

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