Editorial: Why Don’t You Look Me In The Eyes When I Tap Your ID Into PRow Anymore?


by Ashley Danvers ’18

Hey, what gives? I thought we had something pretty good going on for a while there. But then you like totally ghosted me.Hear me out, okay? I just wanna know something. Why don’t you look me in the eyes when I tap your ID into PRow, anymore?

From orientation week in late August up until like Halloweekend, you gave me a great smile and even a thank you when I took your ID from you to allow you access up into the dorms. Now, you don’t even take your ID out of your wallet, you always have your headphones in, and you don’t even say hi.

What brought this on? Was it something I said or did?  I know I was a little harsh when you accidentally walked by the desk without tapping in once, but I was just watching out for you is all. Work with me here okay? We had a good thing going, why ruin it?

Wait…you’re moving to LB next semester? I don’t understand? You don’t get along with your roommate Drew anymore? Oh…I see.

Well, maybe we’ll see each other in the dining hall, right?

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