School’s Speedsters Pushing For Five-Second Decrease In Crossing Time


A group of students on Emerson’s campus are pushing for a change in the duration of time given to cross the intersection of Boylston Street and Tremont Street. A petition, which has been signed by 11 people as of Tuesday afternoon, has circled the web with the hopes of convincing Commissioner of the Boston Transportation Department Gina Fiandaca to reduce the time allotted to make the ‘diagonal cross’.

Brian Whittaker ’19, the creator of the movement, says he hopes to drop five seconds off his crossing time by the semester’s end.

“Right now I’m averaging 8.13 seconds,” Said the 19 year old VMA major. “If I can get that down to four or even three seconds, I’ll be pumped.”

Other students who possess the ability and drive to cross the 75-foot stretch of pavement as fast as humanly possible repeated Whittaker’s sentiment on the need to shave a few seconds off their crossing time.

“I want to show the world how fast I can get across that intersection before any cars come,” explained Shelly Fietenberg ’17. “Hell, take out the crossing signals all together. I can outrun a car. You don’t think I can?”

At press time, one of the students involved in the cause was under fire after testing positive for performance enhancing Adderall use during finals cramming.

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