REPORT: Current ‘Lion’s Tooth’ Editors Have Really Been Slacking Lately

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.16.53 PM.png

In a very disappointing turn of events, the current Lion’s Tooth editing staff has been doing a pretty shitty job of running the site lately. Sources confirm its lackluster effort is both letting down the Emerson student body and risking tarnishing the legacy of the site’s founders in the process.

A recent audit of site statistics reveal traffic is way down since the glory days of the ’15-’16 academic year, and it is easy to see why: Not only has the content been just decent at best, but it has been incredibly sparse as well. We did the math, and there were only two–count them, two–full written articles in the month of January. Sad!

In an explosive interview with a Lion’s Tooth co-founder and former editor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, he vented about his frustration with his successors.

“Sometimes I wonder if they even care anymore,” the brilliant visionary told us. “I mean, that’s great they have their cool little internships and everything, but is it so much to ask to at least pump out a couple articles a week? It’s not that hard. Funny how they came at me a bit ago for still posting every once in a while, when clearly they need all the help they can get.”

The Renaissance man continued to lament seeing the kingdom he and his fellow co-founders work so hard to build come to a screeching halt.

“The only viral content they post anymore are memes, because they take the least time to make,” the Em-Celeb explained. “Don’t get me wrong, those are important, but they should only be used as a change of pace; not the backbone of the page. Charlie, Jeremy, and I knew that in order to be respected as the top journalistic entity at the school, we had to provide a consistent stream of topical and hilarious articles.”

“Or make sick videos, like the one when I went to Suffolk to ask the students there about Emerson. God, that was too classic.”

The co-founder then stressed that the importance of up-keeping the site went far beyond keeping the student body entertained, because while he doesn’t see himself doing satirical writing as a full-time career, you never know what side gigs he could have down the road.

“I have Lion’s Tooth featured prominently on my resume, and it doesn’t reflect well when potential employers see it has turned into a virtual ghost town. They want to see I started a tradition, not a fad!”

He then finished with a chilling warning.

“At this rate, ‘LT’ will become as irrelevant as The Freakin’ Beakin…”

“…Or maybe even Atlas Blog.”

He then conceded that while either scenario would be tragic, the site could never fall quite to the level of The Berkeley Beacon.

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