Recent Surge Of “Fake News” Leads To Revival Of Yellow Journalism Branch By Department Administration


The recent uprising, surge, explosion, etc. of the phenomenon known widely as Fake News has not gone unnoticed by the administrative staff of Emerson’s Journalism Department. After several weeks of deliberation , the department has decided to move forward to revive and update the Yellow Journalism branch that once thrived in the early years of Emerson’s existence.

“In the better part of the last century, our department has prided itself on presenting students with courses that delve into pure truth-seeking investigatory skills. But hey, the time for that is long gone, let’s be honest,” stated Department Head Peter Dancey to Lion’s Tooth reporters in a brief interview, “I mean did you see how many Facebook likes that PizzaGate shit got? There’s no going back!”

While the new courses will not be implemented until the next academic year, a catalog listing of them has already been made public. Courses titles as Igniting The Flames: The Power of Political Instagram Memes and Hook, Line, and Sinker: Designing The Perfect Clickbait Headline certainly reveal a thorough adherence to current trends in Fake News.

“Yellow Journalism was a bold and daring movement and we only hope to honor those older traditions. There’s  going to be so many  wonderful classes that focus on the grossly exaggerated and faulty presentation of facts,” reported tenured professor Walter Kibb, “I for one will be teaching a fascinating, hands-on seminar the delves into the topic of reporting political misinformation called Fuck It, You Can Write Anything These Days!

Though we strive to be objective in our reporting, the staff at Lion’s Tooth cannot help but to worry what this will mean for our average ‘likes per post’ count. It seems only time will tell.

At press time, Political Communications department head Jane Wallace was gauging student interest for a new course called Exploiting The Fearful Masses: Tactics In Political Hate Speech.

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