Woah, Lee Pelton Got Absolutely RIPPED To Play The Role Of Emerson’s President And The Internet Is Loving It

When Lee Pelton took over as Emerson College’s president in 2011, it came with a lot of responsibilities. He’d have to oversee a new era of innovation in communication and the arts, but also provide the eye candy necessary to play the role. In other words, he had to get freaking jacked.

And man oh man, he has not disappointed.

To prepare for the role, Pelton was trained by acclaimed fitness trainer Tony Horton for an average of four hours a day for the last six months. The P90x founder put Pelton through an excruciating combination of weight lifting, boxing, and functional training throughout junkyards in South Boston, performing tasks such as flipping tires, chopping wood, and pulling trucks.

“We trained with one goal in mind, building a superhero the Emerson community needed,” Horton told Lions Tooth reporters. “And Lee did not disappoint.”

Pelton’s physical transformation took a lot more than discipline in the weight room. He had to do just as much work in the kitchen, adhering to an incredibly vast yet strict diet plan, sponsored by Sodexo. Pelton was fed around 5,500 calories a day, consisting of lean animal proteins, green vegetables, and brown rice or pasta.

On his one “cheat day” on Sundays, “Prezzy P” was allowed to sneak one warm chocolate chip cookie from the Dining Hall. But that was it.

Check out these pictures showing how ridiculously shredded Lee got for the role that many critics have said he was born to play.


Got damn! You don’t get a shoulder vein and definition like that in your mid-60’s by messing around. That takes blood, sweat, and tears–all things Pelton was willing to sacrifice for Emerson students.


That’s not a member of Argentina’s Summer Olympic Team, folks. That’s Emerson’s lean, mean, fightin’ president. If you aren’t spending at least five minutes a day thanking whatever higher power you believe in for him, that’s on you. And if you didn’t have one before, you do now.


I mean, come on. We are not worthy.

Wow. Clearly Lee Pelton had an epic transformation for his biggest role yet. We’ll have to see if Suffolk’s latest president (we lost track of who it is now after all those firings) follows suit!

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