REPORT: Too Late For Senior To Ask If They Should Be Doing A Capstone Or Whatever


Looking around at the bustling student body around them heading to work on their respective thesis and capstones, Michael Helchen – VMA ’17 could not help but ask themself what on Earth doing a “capstone” even entails of.

“Everybody is talking about their capstones. Should I be doing one of those? What the heck even is a capstone?” Helchen asked in their own head.

“And a thesis. Should I be doing that too? I couldn’t even explain what that is let alone tell you if I should be doing one right now.”

The 22-year old studio-TV production major found themselves in a total stumper, when wondering how they were going to find this out. “Frankly it’s too late now to ask my academic advisor. Whatever answer she gives me won’t help at this point.”

Helchan further explained “To ask my peers now would just be embarrassing.”

Eventually Michael came to terms knowing that they would know by now if it was that important. “It doesn’t say anything on degreeworks. I’m pretty sure the school would have emailed me by now if it were that big a deal.”

At press time, the senior was purchasing their cap and gown, convinces that they could probably just fall through the cracks and get a diploma in in May.

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