Historians Gather In Boston Common To Commemorate The Battle Of Emerson College


Historical societies and Revolutionary War reenactors came out in droves Wednesday morning to pay tribute to the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Emerson College.

“It’s been an indescribable experience,” said Barry Montalia, 53, who drove out to Boston with his fellow history buffs to stand on the same ground that the Liberal Art School’s soldiers once fought in a battle against tyranny that proved to be pivotal in the American Revolutionary War.

The battle, which is known for the amount of blood that spilled through the streets of Boylston and Tremont, also remained to be the only battle of the war to feature soldiers across various academic departments.

“VMA, Journalism, Comm Disorders, Marketing,” elaborated three-point-hat-donning Redcoat reenactor Tom Skerpotski, 48.

“If the wind blows just right I swear you can still smell the scent of gunpowder,” continued Skerpotski as he stood at the burial site of General Ralph Waldo Emerson – the college’s founder and first president.

At press time, the historians were pillaging the restaurant formerly known as Olde Griddler’s Tavern to raise a pint to honor the fallen soldiers who lost their lives on that wretched morning.

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