Campus Tour Guide Announces Library To Be ‘Eat, Talk, Sleep, and Bang’ Friendly



On Saturday afternoon, prospective students made explored the Emerson College campus and stopped at the Iwasaki Library. Campus tour guides gave their normal spiel explaining the ins and outs of the school library.

“This is the Iwaski Library. It stretches across the entire third floor of the Walker Building. It’s named after environmentalist Chihiro Iwasaki who is not an alum but a donor who appreciated our green initiative,” explained tour guide Julie Marzano ’18.

“The library is eat, sleep, talk, and bang friendly- so students can feel free to talk with their peers, take a nap, or have sex in the library. We just ask that you remain quiet as you move closer down that way.”

“I know my freshman year I practically lived here. It’s the best place on campus to have lunch while looking over notes, work on a group project or have sexual intercourse,” added Marzano.

The Poli-Sci major gestured towards the closed off room behind her. “This room actually used to be home to the Will and Grace set but now is a popular spot for students to work on term papers or make sweet love.”

Marzano then answered a handful of questions from curious parents, to the dismay of their embarrassed teenagers.

“We also have all the textbooks needed for class behind the reference desk so if you might not use a book that much for a particular class, you could save some money by just checking it out here for two hours at a time. We’re going to head over to the Ansin Building now.”

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