2013 ‘Hooray’ Family’s Bond At All Time Low


Three and a half years since their first and last gathering, one 2013 ‘Hooray’-created family has never been more distant.

“If I had to pinpoint it, I think the turning point came from when OL Geoffrey transferred out of Emerson, and out of our lives, in 2014,” said Aubrey Lebson, who made a dazing first impression on her family when she busted out a crazy air-guitar move in the The Castle at Park Plaza to indicate her favorite activity was playing music but hasn’t made her family smile once since.

“I can’t remember the last time any of us even spoke to [Jennifer Loukas ’17]” said Maggie Holtzman, who is now also considered to be one of 13 estranged family members who couldn’t even remember the funky twirls and double high fives her family members did during their 15 seconds of fame.

“The last time any of us interacted was when Jamie Macenzie [’17] walked past Jia Mihn [’17] at the diagonal dash,” recalled Sean Mustfini [’17]. “Since then? Radio silence.”

At press time, “Hooray” emcee and “Date Doctor” David Coleman was shaking his head, wondering where it all went wrong.


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