Senior Fills Final Paper With Bullshit

BS.pngSaying he just wanted to get it over with and didn’t even care about his grade as long as he passed, Marc Pérez ’17 reportedly bullshit’d his final essay.

“I am so done with college,” said the 22 year old. “I couldn’t care less about this. I just put bullshit on all 12 pages.”

Professor Janet Hasquetz was not exactly thrilled with the final product.

“This? It reeks of bullshit,” said the VMA faculty member.  “I was very specific in the rubric that this final draft was to be thoughtful and contain concrete evidence and have 12-15 sources.”

Pérez also added that most of the ideas he totally “pulled out of his ass,” and by his ass he meant the ass of a bull named Bopper who lives on Allandale Farms in Chestnut Hill.

At press time, IT was responding to a complaint that the library’s printers were getting clogged with “total horse crap”.

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