Eager McBeaver Incoming Freshman Thinks They Can Just Join ‘Lion’s Tooth’ Like It’s Nothing


According to a report from a Lion’s Tooth reporter, an incoming freshman reportedly thinks they can just get involved with Lion’s Tooth all willy-nilly.

“Hey guys– I just committed to Emerson! Go Lions!” typed the class of 2021 comedy student on their way to senior prom. “I’ve been reading your WordPress blog for a few weeks now. You guys are hilarious. Lion’s Tooth should definitely win an EVVY, even though you probably never will. Anyways… I have a few good ideas for articles and I was wondering who I talk to about signing up.”

The adolescent, who has a huge trigonometry final coming up that they should be studying for, was somehow under the impression that anybody who has an idea for an article is qualified to write for us.

“This isn’t a SGA recognized organization, pal,” responded a Lion’s Tooth spokesperson.

At press time, the 18-year old was purchasing an ‘Emerson Football: Undefeated Since 1880’ t-shirt.

Also at press time, the current editors were shrugging their shoulders and giving the kid all their passwords as they were “just as good as anybody [to write for Lion’s Tooth next year]”.

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