ECAPS Meet To Unload Week Of Student Gossip


At 4pm on Friday afternoon the Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services staff met at their usual spot to dish out the juicy details they picked up over the school week.

“Oh my god! How did you NOT know that Julie McEntire’s parents were getting divorced?” asked  Lead Counselor Amanda Rossberg, who has been the queen of the inner circle ever since her arrival in 2011.

“Well, apparently, Jack Young is thinking about getting serious with his girlfriend after he graduates! It’s great to see. That’s brought him some much needed happiness in light of his falling grades and falling out with his freshman roommate,” reported James Soclov- who meets with Young on a weekly basis.

“Funny — because his girlfriend just told me that she’s ready to move on with her life and not looking to commit to anything right now because she’s moving to LA!” responded Ellie Nolan with eyes wide open.

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