EVVYs Wins EVVY For Best Award Show


All eyes were on the EVVYs Friday Night. The 36th annual award show handed out dozens of awards for student work made over the past academic year. The most anticipated award of the night was the award for ‘best award show’.

“The nominees for ‘Best Award Show are:” said EVVYs host Jackline Mundie. “The EVVYs, for ‘The 36th EVVY Awards’.”

Suspense mounted in the Cutler Majestic Theatre. Not a sound was reportedly heard as the EVVYs host opened the envelope to reveal the winner.

“And the winner is… The EVVYs!”

The crowd went wild as the EVVYs took their rightful award. In an astounding speech that received a standing ovation, The EVVYs gave many heartfelt thanks.

“I’d like to thank The EVVYs, first and foremost, for giving me this award,” said The EVVYs. “A big thanks is also in order to all the other EVVY awards awarded this year and in year’s past.”

At press time, The EVVYs were being invited to The EVVYs’ official after party.

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