Let’s Take A Moment To Thank the Registrar Department For Their Transparency

The inner-workings of Emerson College has always been a mysterious subject. They take a lot of your money, and nobody really knows how they spend it. This lack of transparency has allowed for a coterie of dastardly deeds to take place at Emerson College, unbeknownst to students.

Until now.

In a massive win for transparency activists, Emerson’s registrar department sent a student an email regarding their lack of ability to help her with registration. In the past, this would have been swept under the rug. Most students would never know that the email was sent. But it’s 2017, and Emerson stepped up to the plate and did the right thing. They sent the email to the entire school.

That’s right, Emerson is finally acknowledging that you have a right to know what is done with your tuition dollars.

The Lion’s Tooth editorial board wants to take a moment and applaud Emerson’s registrar department for taking steps to end this cycle of deceit. The student body deserves better than a registrar who conducts business over handshakes in the back rooms of dark, damp steakhouses. If you can say it to one of us, you should say it to all of us.

While this is a huge win for transparency at Emerson College, the battle is far from over. Until Lee Pelton un-deletes his controversial 2011 vlog post in which he refers to Battle: Los Angeles as “probably my favorite movie of all time,” Emerson will not be able to claim complete honesty with their students.

Tonight we celebrate, but the battle continues tomorrow.