Report: Busy Student Has 15 Meetings Today; Still Has Time To Complain About All Of Them

Breakdown of Busy Student's Time

BREAKING: Freshman Journalism Major Jessie Davis has a meeting with Good Morning Emerson, EAGLE, Emerson Poetry Project and 12 other organizations today. While the stressed Freshman is overwhelmed by her schedule, she somehow has plenty of time to complain about how busy she is.

“I am SO BUSY. It’s like I don’t even have time to think” Davis told Lion’s Tooth in a 3-hour long rant. After the interview, Lions’ Tooth reporters wondered if she was really that busy, how does she have all this time to complain?

Peppard’s professors shared a similar confusion. Intro To Journalism professor Rob Kimble told Lion’s Tooth “Ms. Davis had yet to turn in an assignment due to her ‘being on set for a BFA fill for 72 hours’ and claiming ‘to be so busy she often forgets her own name.’ Does anyone actually do real classwork here?”

At press time, Lion’s Tooth found Davis in the Iwasaki library watching Vine compilations and telling anyone she could about her full schedule.

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