Opinion: Emerson Isn’t On The Common. It’s Next To It.

It’s 2:30 PM on a Wednesday.

With my two dollar Dunkin iced coffee in hand, I stroll through the Common. It’s not unusual to see fellow Emerson College classmates on the closest thing we have to a quad.

I see two faces enjoying the sun. I recognize them, but I don’t know them.  And as I walk past, I overhear one sentence.

“I love that Emerson is right on the Common.”

My music is quiet enough to allow those words to bang against my ear drums. I need silence.

I cut the theme to Jurassic Park, and I listen to the conversation.

“I agree! It’s so nice going to a school that’s right on the Common.”

Again, the words bang. Louder this time.

I don’t think it was necessary for this friend to repeat the exact words.

I look around. We’re right in the heart of the common. And Emerson College is not here.

It’s there. Next to the Common.

— — —

Time and time again, Emerson College is referred to as being right on the Common. These statements are coming from advertisements, faculty members, and students.

Let’s compare some data.


(above, Image A. below, Image B)


Image A is the world we live in.

Image B is a fantasy land. One in which Emerson College is right on the Common.

I can’t take this any longer. I am proud to be a Lion, but moments like this make it extremely difficult. We need to be better.

Being right next to the Common is just as good as being right on it. We have plenty of proud accomplishments. Let’s focus on those! Talk about the Will and Grace revival. (That episode with Nick Offerman? Loved it!)

But please, don’t go around claiming blatant delusions as fact.

That’s what the Berkeley Beacon is for.

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