Congrats! You Got The Cool Professor! Is He Worthy Of Your Respect?

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Hey you, VMA Freshman! The new semester is almost here, and you’re ready to take VM120! And you’re in luck, because you have the cool foundations professor! Awesome! Get ready to have a fun semester with Joseph! That’s right, you call him by his first name because Joseph is the cool professor. He doesn’t believe in the traditional way of doing things! But don’t worry, that’s good! You’re not a traditional student! You’re special, and Joseph will make sure you know that. But will it make you respect him?

You’re going to see all of his experimental films he posted to vimeo, and get to ask yourself, ‘Oh wait, this is my first film school professor?’ like all of his students before you!

Joseph will spend lectures encouraging more women to get in the film industry, but that won’t stop him from showing you his favorite scenes from Annie Hall! Art is art, I guess!

Lion’s Tooth was able to get a quote from a former student of Joseph’s on his way out of the registrar’s office.

“Oh, you have Joseph? Yeah, he’s a really cool professor. Did I respect him? Well, I mean, he did spend a whole class exclusively talking about Tame Impala music videos, and I was a little concerned because you know, this school is pretty expensive, but he’s really really cool. You’ll like him!” said Dylan, journalism sophomore

Vague Indiegogo Campaign For Student Film Requests All Of Your Goddamn Money


A new Indiegogo campaign for senior Jessica Beckman’s BFA short film “Shattered” hit Emerson students’ Facebook newsfeeds Monday afternoon, vaguely promising to cap off Beckman’s “tremendously successful” Emerson career by requesting all of your goddamn money.

Beckman’s campaign purports the film as “an introspective look into the mind of a young woman struggling to pick up the pieces after her parents’ deaths,” and takes great care to mention each and every Emerson student working with her to produce the film, as well as slyly letting you know you’re going to have to give up every single dollar you have for her to receive in A in the course.

Without providing any sort of realistic budget, expectations, or even deadline for her film, Beckman writes “Look, I know there are a lot of student films in production this semester. I don’t want any of them to succeed at the expense of ‘Shattered’s eventual success. For that to happen, I need your money. All of it. Thanks.”

At press time, you inexplicably found yourself pledging $1500 to ‘Shattered’ in exchange for an invitation to Beckman’s birthday party in March.

Emerson Women Enjoy Long Break From Male Classmates Telling Them To Read Infinite Jest


The women of Emerson College are letting out a collective sigh of relief this Winter Break. While there are many reasons to celebrate this holiday season, female students are thrilled to be as far away as possible from male classmates telling them to read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.

Sophomore WLP Major Monica Stewart told Lion’s Tooth reporters that no matter how many male students she talks too, she is always somehow assigned to read the 1,079 pages of Infinite Jest. “Last semester a total of 1,772 men told me to read Infinite Jest. That’s every single man at Emerson!”

One such man is Freshman VMA Major Todd Vonn Bonhauser. “Maybe it’s the fact that the author and I have three first names, but I think everyone should read Infinite Jest.” When asked what he liked about the book, Bonhauser clarified that he “hasn’t finished the book” and “can’t exactly read,” he insists that women should read the book so they can tell him what it’s about.

As Winter Break comes to end, Emerson’s female students are wary of a new semester’s worth of male recommendations. In an open letter, female students wrote: “We can only pray that these recommendations will stop, but we probably will be told to read Lincoln In The Bardo by the Spring.”

Lion’s Tooth’s Jewish Founders Celebrate Christ-Like Emergence Of New Page Editors


While their Christmases typically consist of areligious activities like watching basketball and eating Chinese food, the three graduated Lion’s Tooth co-founders, who are Jewish, have found new meaning in Christmas this year.

That’s because when their beloved page appeared to be on the brink of death for most of this school year, it was finally saved by new editors in incredible and perhaps even messianic fashion.

Where these four wise men came from, the founders do not know. However, the founders have been able to sit back and enjoy from afar the near-miracles the new editors have been performing.

Since their takeover of the page over the past month, they have consistently posted some solid articles, which would have been satisfactory enough. But when they posted an incredible Lee Pelton-inspired parody of a “NowThis” video, the founders knew that the all-important pastime of “Laughing at Emerson, with Emerson”™ had, at last, been saved.

And in the process, they were saved as well.

It truly is a Christmas miracle!

At press time, the new editors were letting this praise go to their heads and were losing all their motivation to keep up their great work.

East Boston Party Just As Uncomfortable As You Thought It Would Be

eastie partyA party in East Boston hosted by your roommates’ friends from The Emerson Channel last weekend was just as uncomfortable as you thought it would be, you told The Lion’s Tooth.

You said were invited to the party as a last ditch attempt to re-connect with your roommate before they left for winter break. You’ve been slowly drifting apart this semester, even though you were super close when you lived on the same floor in the Little Building last year, so you told us. You said your roommate is going to Kasteel Well next semester, too, so this party was important in sealing the deal for a long term friendship.

Anyway, you weren’t sure about this party, because you didn’t know the people hosting it, you told our reporters. They all work on Speechless. You’ve completed three semesters here now and you told The Lion’s Tooth you’re still not quite sure what that is. But you said you would go, and that’s how you found yourself talking to Martin from your Fundamentals of Speech Communications class and drinking lukewarm vodka out of a cooking pot last Saturday night.

Your roommate disappeared almost as soon as you entered the apartment into a sea of faces you know so well from Facebook and from around campus, but not at all in real life. Jenny from Emerson Dance Company was there; you know she’s a musical theatre major and one time you slipped in orange juice that she spilled in the dining hall, but you told The Lion’s Tooth you don’t have the courage to speak to her.

All in all, you told our reporters you left the party after about an hour of looking for friendly faces to save you from Martin, who you said reminisced fondly about that Speech Comm. class you didn’t speak to each other in. You finally asked someone if they’d seen your roommate only to find out they already moved on to another party. So much for that friendship, you told The Lion’s Tooth. There’s nothing wrong with living by yourself in 62 Boylston next year.

Hemenway Resident Unsure Of Where They Go To College

Sophomore Steven Brundige, a marketing communications major, was just another student proud to be a Lion his freshman year.

“Waking up and seeing the Common every day, that’s how I knew I was home. Never any confusion about it. Emerson is right here!” said Steven.

But everything changed when Steven was assigned to live in in the temporary residence hall at 12 Hemenway St for the 2017-18 academic year.  

Steven has lost all memories of his old life living 2.4 miles from campus. He wakes up every day, trying to piece together clues about where he belongs.

“I mean, we’re like right next to the Boston Conservatory, so maybe I go there? But I can’t play an instrument, so I probably go to Boston University, they have a lot of students, right? But wait I feel like I remember an E somewhere. Emmanuel?”

Steven is not the only Hemenway resident affected by the increased distance from campus. Fellow Hemenway resident Jessica Carnicelli was quoted saying,

“Yeah, I mean it sucks having to take the T, but we’re literally right off Hynes, it’s not far at all. I don’t know why he’s so confused.”

When asked for comment, Emerson Registrar stated that Steven has missed every single class this semester, and that he will be expelled.

At press time, Steven was seen being escorted off Tufts University’s campus for the third time this semester.


ECPD: Don’t Feed That Squirrel In The Common, His Name Is Travis And He Will Kill You

travis picture

Emerson College police issued a statement regarding a dangerous individual spotted around the vicinity of the school’s Boston campus Monday:

“See that squirrel over there? The one with the bushy tail? The one that always runs right up to you when you’re walking in the Common? Don’t feed him. Don’t try to pet him. In fact, keep a twenty foot radius from him at all times. That’s Travis. He wants to eat your fucking guts.

Travis showed up about two months ago and since then he’s been a real pain in the ass. He looks and acts like a normal squirrel, but if you turn your back to him, he pulls out blueprints for evil schemes and starts reciting quotes from The Art of War. He really seems to have it out for Emerson students- just the other day, we watched him verbally harass a group of freshmen filming the climax of a VMA Intro To Productions class final. If the interaction weren’t in broad daylight, we have reason to believe Travis would have mauled those students and used their skin as insulation for his home within a tree in the Public Garden.

If you see Travis around, please don’t stop to take pictures, talk to, or otherwise interact with him. Studies show that any Emerson student lured away by a squirrel in the Common is 100% less likely to return after a mere seven minutes. Just stay away from him. Please.”