Emerson Students Struggle To Remember “What Was That Building?”


By Lloyd Mallison

Beneath all the scaffolding that is now Emerson’s campus, many students who’d remained in Boston for the summer were perplexed to see the newest piece of construction, as they couldn’t remember what was there before.

“Was it Whiskey Saigon, née Gypsy Bar?” senior Sandy Berenstain said, stumped. “Wait, that’s a bit further up the street.”

The building immediately to the left of the Boylston Place archway is now gutted, and a Twilight Zone-esque shroud of mystery and confusion has fallen on Boylston Street.

“Hasn’t it always been a gaping hole?” said one student who smelled like Funyuns and wished to remain anonymous.

Now a gaping hole in the Walker Building, the facade Emerson students walk past hundreds of times a year did used to be something but, students couldn’t think for the life of them what.

“It was the bookstore,” said sophomore Jenny Afalla. “Oh no, sorry, that was scaffolded, I missed it. That’s still there.”

“I heard it was the portal to the LA campus,” Junior WLP major Mike Keye offered.

An Emerson tour guide attempt to shed some light on the situation for us.

“The windows used to be frosted,” Stanley Jeffries said. “I think it used to be Lee Pelton’s private entrance to that circus-themed Stage Nightclub.”

At time of publication, Emerson had not responded to comment if this would be the school’s expanded ball pit.

Construction crews debate what exactly it was that they just tore down


Do you know what the gaping hole used to be? Let us know in the comments!

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